The Tiny Cheer Class is designed to help new cheerleaders (Ages 3-6) in all aspects of cheerleading. The class duration is 1 HOUR. During this time the cheerleader will receive instruction on proper technique for stretching, motions, jumps and tumbling.
Please see our PARENT PORTAL for days and times. 
The Tumbling Class is designed to help the cheerleader who is looking to improve on all aspects of tumbling. Duration of all Tumbling classes are one hour. During the full hour, the cheerleader will receive instruction on proper technique for tumbling. Instructors begin with the basics and move on according to the child’s perfection of the skills.
**Cheer Florida Classes are divided up by level:
Level 1: No Experience up to a Backwalkover / Frontwalkover
Level 2: MUST HAVE a Backwalkover and a Frontwalkover
Level 3: MUST HAVE a Standing Backhandspring Series, and maximum skills to a Roundoff Backhandspring Series
Level 4-5R: MUST HAVE maximum skills into a Roundoff Backhandspring Tuck and Standing skills to a Tuck
Level 6: MUST HAVE maximum skills into a Roundoff Backhandspring Layout, and ready to work on twisting skills.
Please see our PARENT PORTAL for days and times. 
The Flight School Class is designed to help cheerleader who are looking to improve on all aspects of stunt flying. The class duration is one hour. During this hour the cheerleader will receive instruction on proper progressions and techniques, flexibility, body control, and strength for flying and dismounting skills. Our instructors will serve as the bases of each stunt and will critique and instruct cheerleaders on proper leg and body positioning.
Please see our PARENT PORTAL for days and times. 


Open tumbling is just that, open. This is not a class that requires pre-registration, but the availability for cheerleaders to come and tumble with instructors for a small fee. All ages and levels are welcome. All instructors will work with each cheerleader at their age and level. There is a mix of ages and levels that attend these open tumbling sessions. The session lasts for one and one half hours. During this time the cheerleaders will be properly stretched and later spotted on any tumbling they are currently working on and looking to perfect. The cost for this is $15.00 per session for non-allstar members and $5.00 per session for Allstar membersOpen tumbling is on select Friday nights from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. 
Private lessons are designed for those cheerleaders wishing to have one on one instruction. The private lesson is one hour in duration, with half of that hour working one on one with the instructor. Currently all instructors work with all ages and all levels on all aspects of tumbling. If you are looking for a motion technique or jump technique private, our instructors can also accommodate.    

Pricing is as follows:    ½ hour 1 child = $40.00, ½ hour 2 children = $40.00 ($20.00 each child)

*There will be no more than 2 children in each private.   All cheerleaders attending privates must arrive 15 minutes prior to private time for stretching and warm up, and must stay 15 minutes afterward for conditioning.                         

*Sign ups, payments and instructor requests will be handled through the private portal system.
Cheer Florida works with many squads in the area. If you are interested please feel free to contact the gym for further information. We try to customize packages according to coach’s needs and budgets. 
Do you have a child that is interested in Cheerleading? Why not have their birthday party at the gym? We can make their birthday a different and memorable experience for them and all their friends. And the best part, no cleaning up when the party is over. Enjoy 1 hour of fun and games with cheerleading, gymnastics, dodge ball, football, soccer, volleyball, trampoline, rock wall, and a rope swing followed by 45 minutes of party time. Call us and book your party now!!!
White Package up to 15 children:         $249
Red Package up to 25 children:            $299
Blue Package up to 35 children:           $349
All Star Package up to 50 children:       $399
Rock Wall included:                                   $50 
If you are interested in getting choreography or music done for your squad, please contact us at katya@cheerfloridaallstars.com and we will customize a package for you.